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Opiates are one of the biggest problems facing our country today. Prescription painkillers are very dangerous and addictive and are handed out in large doses by doctors. Many people don’t realize that they are developing an addiction to the drugs because they see them as medicine. However, it’s very easy to become dependent on painkillers because of how powerful they are.

Once you realize you’re physically dependent on pain pills, getting help is essential. Properly supervised detoxification is essential to address the dangers of withdrawal symptoms, and to help you manage your underlying pain. Therapy to address the emotional dimensions of your struggle is also crucial.

Because your physical pain may still be present, we’ll help you manage the pain differently with holistic therapies. Narcotic-free pain management will help you succeed in breaking your addiction to opiates and provide positive pain management alternatives going forward. After detox, we’ll introduce you to non-narcotic methods of pain management such as the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Pain psychotherapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition

Anyone can fall victim to dependency on painkillers because of a genuine need for pain relief. By providing narcotic-free pain management options, we offer you hope and lessen your fear that the pain will come back and trigger a relapse of your addiction. Why not start today? If you’re in the Hollywood area, call The Treatment Center at (754) 273-6079 and we’ help you get your life back! As you proceed with treatment, you’ll also learn to develop greater self-esteem, and to cultivate respect and responsibility. These sustaining principles will help you in your journey to overcome opiate addiction.


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